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Scribo: Multi-Blog Client for Maemo/MeeGo Platform

Scribo is a multiblog client application for the Maemo/MeeGo platform, licensed under GPLv2. Scribo combines blog data from several blog services. Bloggers can view and edit user profiles at their blog services, make blog postings and comments. Scribo is oriented to mobile bloggers that regularly participate in one or more blogs. Current version 0.3.X provides:

  • Blog services: LiveJournal and its clones (Blurty, InsaneJournal, Dreamwidth). More services are in progress.
  • Own blogs and groups: reading, editing, writing posts. Support for comments is in progress.
  • Friends' blogs and profiles: reading.
  • Multiblogging:
    • Duplicating posts to several blogs and groups.
    • Common list of all own posts: sorting and filtering.
    • Common list of all friends posts: sorting and filtering.


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The project was initiated at the Petrozavodsk State University(PetrSU), PetrSU-Nokia-NSN laboratory of wireless and mobile technologies. Scribo belongs to family of FRUCT R&D projects.

Project supervision: Dmitry Korzun


  • Aleksandr Sannikov 
  • Diana Zaiceva
  • Artem Mezhenin

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